At Martin Elementary School, our vision is
for all students to lead, learn, and grow.

Students at MES are introduced to leadership

principles that will help them succeed in school
and in the future. Students are inspired to be 
responsible leaders and set goals for themselves. 
They are challenged to set priorities, be organized,
and problem solve to find ways that everyone can
be a winner at MES.  Students are encouraged to
be good listeners, to work on a team, and to make
healthy choices.    

Student achievement, through rigorous standards
and high expectations, is our goal at MES. Literacy
is our focus and students are encouraged to read 20
minutes a night to improve their fluency and
comprehension skills.   

At Martin Elementary, we believe that every
child can learn and grow.  Our faculty and
staff encourage students to persevere,
demonstrate resilience, and reflect upon their
mistakes to assist them in reaching their goals
and full potential.  Our school climate is structured
around a growth mindset. We enjoy celebrating progress
and success.