Back Carline Information

Martin Elementary School has a second carline for the
parents that have students in both schools (MES and MPS). We
have very strict guidelines in order to maintain the safety
of all students. Please adhere to the following guidelines to ensure
that things run smoothly. The back morning carline will only be open
from 7:15-7:30. This is a carline through a parking lot; therefore we
must accommodate the employees with parking as well. The MES staff
will come out and open the carline after all employees are to
be at school.

This carline is only for parents of students at Martin Elementary
hat have a sibling(s) that is picked up at MPS in the carline in the
afternoon, or students that have been assigned to the
back carline
to alleviate some of the traffic in the front carline.

The back carline will open each morning at 7:15 and run through 7:30
ONLY. If you must drop a student off before these times, please use
the front carline. Students MUST NOT be dropped off and left alone
to wait for the doors to open.

We asks for you to please pull over near
the fence on Clearwater Street and wait until you see staff members
coming outside to start the carline. If you need to drop off sooner than
7:15, please go around the front of the building as usual.

Please do not pull into the parking lot to sit and wait. Doing this will block
people from being able to park. We once again ask you to park on the side
of the street near the fence if you wish to wait.

Lines have been carefully marked in yellow designating the flow of traffic.
There is only one lane traffic through this parking lot. Please DO NOT
attempt to cut through the parked cars. This would be a safety hazard
to the students. When your car is parallel with the school building, your
child may then exit-the car and go inside. Approximately 3-4 cars can drop
students off at a time. We will monitor the carline in the back as we do the
one in the front for all safety purposes.

In the afternoons, only the students with sibling(s) at MPS will be lined up
to be picked up at the back entrance. The back carline will close promptly at 2:40
each day and any remaining students will be sent to the ASP Daycare
Program and a charge can incur.

You will be provided with a name tag for your front window. This tag should
be displayed in order to assist us in keeping the traffic flowing smoothly. If you
need more than one, please contact us at (731)-587-2290.

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